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Corkscrew 80’s Curls and dark lips

Corkscrew 80's curls how to tutorial

Curls. I never have curls. I am one of those girls who have something in between straight and curly. This weird hair that looks like you got an electric shock. So usually I straighten my hair to get some normal looking texture in. Most of the people around me just know me with straight hair. I never do something crazy with my hair until I saw this video from Zoella (click). I absolutely love these Corkscrew 80’s Curls. Even though I am a 90’s...

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long waistcoat outfit blogger

Long Waistcoat with Zig-Zag Print

Zig-Zag. Wearing long waistcoats is one of the trends that was huge in the last time. I was very skeptical in the beginning because I didn't know how to style them. I always felt like it looked like a uniform from a nurse or cleaning lady. Weird why it triggered these thoughts in me. Anyways I found this lovely long waistcoat from more and more and loved how it looked on me. It is bright blue and has a zig-zag print...

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Flared Sleeves Outfit

Flared Sleeves featuring the Wool Coat

Flared Sleeves. As you already know from my last travel impression I have been to Vienna. It is a magical place. Mainly because of the two castles. Schönbrunn and Belvedere. In my opinion, I like the Belvedere Castle more. It is not as huge and has such a modern vibe to it. We went there when the sun just went down and the lighting was incredible. I showed you the pictures of the sky in my last article. To that...

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Vitamin Boost Drink Recipe

Vitamin Boost Drink

Oranges. Winter is nearly over but that doesn't mean that we should stop getting enough vitamins. In this post here I showed you my spring energy boost drink. It was all about the energy because of the ginger. This recipe is very similar and easy as well but is a little bit more about the vitamins. So here is my vitamin boost drink recipe. I drink this a lot especially when it is not super hot outside since it is a warm...

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Vienna Impressions Sightseeing Wien

Vienna Impressions feat. the cotton candy sky

Vienna. Straight after all of my travel diaries from Kiel comes the next bundle of them. With only two days break I basically went from Kiel to Vienna. I have only been once to Vienna  for a day to go shopping with my sister. But this time I travelled there to visit a friend of mine who lives there. So my main priority was to spend time with her. Friends are so important to me but that is a completely different...

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Casual Winter Beach Look Kiel Strande

Casual Winter Beach Look

Beach. There is something about that cold crisp air at the beach that frees your mind. It will make you let go off all the trouble, all the sorrow and negative vibes and the wind will clear your mind. When we decided where we wanted to go was my thought: "Being by the beach in the winter is the most beautiful thing". So we ended up at the beach in Kiel. I wrote about more thoughts about Kiel here, because...

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Breakfast Café in Kiel Frühstück

Top 3 Breakfast Cafés in Kiel

Breakfast. I hope you all had a great start into the new week. We went to the cutest breakfast cafés in Kiel while staying there. There is something about having breakfast that I absolutely love. Usually breakfast locations are so well designed, totally stylish and the baristas have to be hipster. In general I love going out to eat but my favorite time to do so is breakfast. So whilst we were in Kiel we tested some breakfast cafés and...

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Kiel Impressions Sightseeing

Kiel Impressions – Tourist up North

Impressions. Before continuing with another Outfit from Kiel I wanted to show you some impressions. I have put all the Kiel Impressions into a slideshow. Just because I thought it would be nice to mix it up a little. Let me know if you like this or rather have them all under each other. I have never been this far up north. Hamburg was probably the furthest in the north I have ever been. When you live in Munich it is...

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Hunter Boots Outfit How to combine Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots at the Harbor

  Hunter Boots. So here is my second look I was wearing while staying in Kiel. Since I was living in the United States I am a huge fan of Hunter Boots. They may be super expensive for just some rubber boots but they are such good quality and in the colder months I can wear the super warm Hunter socks and they are like winter boots. When we decided to visit Kiel I instantly thought of my Hunter Boots and...

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